Indoor Viewer

Click here to start NAVVIS Indoor Viewer, our web application for interactive, three-dimensional browsing of building interiors. Click here to start the pointcloud-enhanced version, which also displays the pointclouds acquired during the mapping. In addition, it offers some more features intended for research and development purposes.

Please make sure your browser and graphics hardware support WebGL. Recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox should work fine. See this page on how to get a WebGL implementation. You can test if your browser supports WebGL here.

The viewer provides interactive browsing of more than 40,000 images from the TUMindoor dataset, recorded winter 2011 at the main site of Technische Universität München. The floor plans that have been created by our mapping trolley are displayed on top of a regular maps layer (Google Maps, Satellite or Hybrid). Colored circles on the map and in the 3D view indicate locations where images are available for browsing.

Usage instructions:

  • In the map view, left-click and drag to pan the map, use the mouse wheel to zoom.
  • In the 3D view, left-click and drag to rotate the view, use the mouse wheel to change the field of view.
  • Click a marker on the map or in the 3D view to navigate to the location.
  • To show or hide the various runs of the dataset, bring up the datasets menu at the top.
  • Use the “Show the two DSLR closeups” checkbox in the view menu to show or hide two 18 megapixel close-ups in addition to the panorama view.
  • Use the “Show location markers and floor changer” checkbox in the view menu to show or hide the marker overlay and the floor changer in the 3D view.
  • The information pane in the bottom left corner shows detailed data about the current location and the dataset. The links after “Ladybug images” and “DSLR images” open the images taken by the Ladybug3 panorama camera and the DSLR cameras, respectively. You can also download the dataset as a whole on the dataset page.

Demo Video:

Download: 720p MP4 720p WMV 1080p MP4


Enhanced pointcloud version:

  • The enhanced version displays the point clouds acquired during mapping, streaming them on-demand at configurable resolution.
  • Unconstrained 3D movement using the keys A, S, D, W, Q and E.
  • Visualization of local image features extracted from the images, localized at their world locations. Local image features are interest points found by algorithms such as SIFT, SURF, and MSER.

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