NAVVIS Indoor Mapping Trolley

In case you asked yourself how we map the extensive indoor environments, which can be browsed with the NAVVIS IndoorViewer, have a look at this short video showing our mapping trolley in action. Besides the laser scanners and wheel odometry, used to determine our current location with an accuracy of approximately 1 cm, the trolley is equipped with a 360° panoramic camera and two high resolution DSLRs to record images of the environment. We can do this at walking speed by using additional LED lighting to avoid motion blur in the images. A track of about 1.2 km is mapped in about 2 hours. To record the 3D geometry of indoor areas, a vertically mounted laser scanner is used to incrementally build a complete point cloud as we move through the corridors and rooms.

For more detailed information, please have a look at the corresponding publication and the Download section. Our extensive indoor datasets, comprising several thousand high-resolution images with camera pose information, as well as 2D grid maps and 3D point clouds, is available free of charge for download. It may be used both commercially and non-commercially (attribution is required).

TUMindoor: an extensive image and point cloud dataset for visual indoor localization and mapping

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